Telling your story . . . .

Are you a small- to medium-sized business?

Do you want to build your clientele?

Do you want to sell more of your products or services?

Are you struggling with how to get your message out?

And have you found that large scale agencies fail to meet your needs?


Trust your storytelling to a skilled and versatile writer . . . .

As a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you face many daily challenges. You need to get the word out about your products or services to customers, clients, prospects and stakeholders. But you have little time or energy to do it well and be creative. You want to tell a story that makes your audience believe and respond.

While you’re striving to grow, you find that traditional advertising is not enough and may no longer be the right tool.

People love stories, though–they can relate to them and will use them to get to know you.  Storytelling is what will set you apart and create both curiosity and empathy in the market.

I can help you with that.


Hi. I’m Elizabeth Shih. I specialize in writing stories that chronicle the entrepreneurial journey and electronic newsletters that promote your products or services.

Entrepreneurs experience many fundamental challenges, journeys, more challenges, discoveries, yet more challenges, solutions and implementation–all before results emerge. These aspects of the journey are often overlooked by other business writers.

Editing your story . . . .

Do you need to push the envelope on your latest story, in the form of a case study, article, white paper, website copy, thesis or book? Or a c.v. or resume?

Trust your business or academic storytelling to a skilled and professional editor . . . .

As a business or academic writer, you face the challenges of researching and writing compelling documents that persuade readers, scholars, prospects or others to believe in what you say. And you write these stories in a schedule that leaves you little energy or clear-headedness about your writing.

I can help here, as well.

Good business or academic storytelling needs to communicate specific points coherently, with well-structured paragraphs that demonstrate solid grammar and style. With my assistance, as an editor who has published both business and academic articles, you will convince your readers of the integrity of your thought and expression.