Entrepreneurial Stories . . . .

I specialize in telling success stories. Through empathetic, thoughtful research, interviews and precise writing, I create stories that focus on the values that you share with your clients or prospects. These stories can be shared in newsletters or in presentations or with media.

There is no spin-doctoring to this: I craft authentic stories that give credence and credibility to your company or organization.

Even resistant readers respond to storytelling, when it is rooted in human struggle or challenge that elicits excitement and belief. Storytelling, as the great screenwriter Robert McKee has said, “fulfills a profound need” in clients “to grasp the patterns of living . . . within a very personal emotional experience.”

I use storytelling techniques to connect with your clients’ emotions. To remember and understand experience, McKee has said, we weave together the fragments of experience into a story, starting with that emotional need, that life challenge, and then showing how those challenges are overcome.

By uniting that emotion with your idea (product or service), storytelling persuades your prospects or clients to believe and act.

Storytelling is an ancient practice. We have remembered human experience for millennia by telling and hearing good stories. Since our earliest recorded history, epic storytellers have depicted wars and major events by evoking the fundamental conflict between expectation and reality.

But storytelling is also a very modern practice. Today we tell stories through social media, games and crowdfunding sites that persuade followers to “follow,” “like” or buy.

Storytelling is universal. Such stories function as more than sales tools, by first connecting people, explaining your company’s work and giving voice to those within it who are otherwise marginalized.

I have crafted stories for companies as diverse as PotashCorp (on its philanthropic efforts), the Saskatoon Health Region, Humboldt watercolourist Bob PitzelĀ and many in-between.


Using storytelling, the eNewsletters that I craft emotionally and persuasively connect with your readers, compelling them to believe and act on your offer. Such newsletters ask questions, continue conversations, explain benefits and ultimately express an offer and a call-to-action.

As a disciple of North American B2B copywriters Steve Slaunwhite and Michael Katz, and with my own extensive background in graduate English literature, I am uniquely qualified to write your business stories.

In short, I create fresh stories that nurture growth in your business or organization.

I have written, edited and produced monthly enewsletters for the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and a monthly professional newsletter that tells stories of the culture and politics of language, creativity, productivity and resilience for entrepreneurs.

Storytelling connects people through common failures or flaws. Other writers miss that by using feel-good, hypothetical yarns or templated stories that do not resonate with people.

What do you (and your clients) really want?

Screenwriter McKee writes: ” The energy to live . . . comes from everything” that we endure. As we struggle against life’s inevitable negative experiences or losses, “we’re forced to live more deeply and more fully,” so that our stories become “more convincing.”

A story that embraces those challenges will command your clients’ interest, energy and purchasing power.

Think about the emotion to which you most want to appeal: I’ll create the copy that best elicits it from your reader.

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