Here are some of my stories, reproduced with the permission of my clients.

Business-to-Business Writing:
The following projects are samples of my business-to-business storytelling (B2B):

A Potent Plenary on Global Food Security:

Saskatchewan’s catalyst for businesses in the biological sciences, Ag-West Bio, recently co-sponsored an international conference in Saskatoon, addressing “Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security.”  I prepared a precis for one of the conference’s plenary lectures, given by University of Exeter (UK) plant biologist, Professor Sarah Gurr, which discussed the very real and urgent threat fungi poses to world agriculture. The precis was published in Ag-West Bio’s electronic newsletter, Bio-Bulletin (please read here).

A Ghostwritten Column to Gain Greater Food Safety:

A confidential client in the food safety industry asked me to write this column for a CEO’s opinion piece in an online business publication. After reading about a recent food scandal at a US-based fast food restaurant, I penned this industry critique (please read here).

 An Appealing Article for Ag-West Bio:

Saskatchewan’s catalyst for businesses in the biological sciences. Ag-West Bio, commissioned me to write a story on the burgeoning berry industry in the province. After interviewing the head of the university’s Fruit Breeding Program, Dr. Bob Bors, and local berry investor and entrepreneur, Ms. Betty Forbes, I wrote this article for Ag-West’s popular e-newsletter, “Bio-Bulletin” (please read here).

A Career Advancing Profile for Saskatoon Business College:

Saskatoon’s only major daily newspaper, The StarPhoenix, asked me to write an article promoting Saskatoon Business College, the oldest private career college in the province and second oldest in the country. After interviewing Campus Director, Blair Chapman and VP Marketing/IT Admissions, Rich Chapman, I composed this article for the newspaper’s “Road to Higher Learning 2015” feature (please read here).

Two Newsy Newsletter Profiles for the Raj Manek Mentorship Program:

The popular Raj Manek Mentorship Program for businesses (RMMP) asked me to compose two “success stories” for a recent issue of its newsletter, “Mentorship Tribute.” One was an interview with Ms. Rhonda Speiss, Manager of Corporate Philanthropy of the program’s Presenting Sponsor, PotashCorp (please read here), and the second, an interview with one of the program’s successful former proteges, Ms. Rauncie Kinnaird, of Kinnaird Bagpipes (please read here).

Two Riveting Brochures for the Saskatoon Health Region:

The Mental Health and Addictions Services of the Saskatoon Health Region recently identified a challenge of promoting a government-sponsored  investment program for clients with medical disabilities–the Registered Disability Savings’ Plan (RDSP). Since much of the online information available is lengthy and complex, I prepared two documents to convey the essential details in the brief and clear format of brochures–one for treatment providers (please read here) and one for their clients (please read here).

A Promotional Email for Canada’s Association Leaders:

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) recently held its annual national conference in Saskatoon and needed to promote registration for a dynamic, one-day, pre-conference workshop, led by association writer and lecturer, Ron Knowles. The goal was to provide all of the details, couched in an energetic style (please read here).

A Timely Press-Release for the Canadian Information Processing Society:

Canada’s Information Processing Society (CIPS, known as Canada’s Association for IT Professionals) noted recently that the country’s international IT competitiveness ranking had fallen. Their marketing director began a discussion over social media on how to recover from that fall, that included the public and CIPS’ members. He recruited me to write a press-release based on that discussion, that would reflect the diversity of opinion and the complex issues faced by the association and its members (please read here).

A Persuasive Profile of a Successful Saskatoon Entrepreneur:

The Northern Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (NSILC) commissioned me to write several success stories of local entrepreneurs, who happen to have disabilities. After interviewing Jerry Kapeluck of “JCC Computers,” one of NSILC’s successful clients, I prepared this brief profile for publication (please read here).

A Convincing Case Study for the University of Saskatchewan:

The Industry Liaison Office of the University of Saskatchewan annually co-sponsors an  Award of Excellence (worth $10 K) to promote original research that bears social and economic significance to contemporary society. Of the four case-studies which I wrote on the year’s nominees, my profile on “College Mobile,” a local business in mobile technology, which began partly through a course of the university’s Computer Science Department, won out (please read here).

A Welcoming White Paper on LinkedIn (Social Media Network):

Prior to the wide-sweeping changes to the social media network, LinkedIn, I researched and wrote a white paper, welcoming not-for-profit associations to explore that network’s many and detailed functions. Sometimes termed “Facebook for business,” LinkedIn is a powerhouse network for B2B marketing and communications that can no longer be ignored, as this paper demonstrates (please read here).

A Compelling Article on Copywriting for “The Barefoot Writer”:

“The Barefoot Writer” magazine, a sister publication of the American Writers and Artists, Inc.,  accepted for publication an article that I wrote on the role of empathy in copywriting.  The differences between sympathy and empathy, first recognized in the 20th century by Self-Psychology, carry implications for the process of writing, as this article attests (please read here).

Business-to-Consumer Writing:
The following piece is a sample of my business-to-consumer storytelling (B2C):

A Restaurant Review for a Winning Eatery:

Chianti’s Seafood and Pasta Restaurant is one of Saskatoon’s most popular eateries, where patrons regularly line up out the door. After establishing that both the variety and value of their food form the restaurant’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), I prepared this brief review (please read here).