Writing Services

Stories can be crafted to create many forms of content. So while entrepreneurial stories and eNewsletters are the mainstay of my work, I also adapt stories to articles, blog postings, eBooks, promotional emails, press releases, website copy, white papers, annual reports, brochures and more. (Please see my “portfolio” page.) I also write entrepreneurs’ applications for local business awards, including ABEX and SABEX.

I offer services by the project. I also offer retainer packages of 10 hours per month, which are flexible: when time is in surplus, I allow you to carry it over to the next month. When you need more time, you can increase your number of hours in any given month.

I write stories that can be read and understood quickly and thoroughly.


Editing Services

Do you lack the time to edit your business or academic articles, essays, books or theses, c.v.s and resumes properly?

As a member of Editors Canada (EC) who has studied its copy editing programs, I am uniquely qualified to assist writers by editing and proofreading their business and academic stories.

I offer three levels of service, from the least to the most intensive:

(1) Copy Editing (correcting grammatical and punctuation errors, typos, etc.),

(2) Stylistic Editing (editing to improve flow, clarity and readability),

(3) Substantive Editing (responding to content and structure, demonstrating where to rewrite passages when necessary, to improve thought, clarity and meaning).

I edit stories and copy so that they can be read and understood quickly.